Providing the full spectrum of your college planning needs.


Spectrum College Planning, Inc. began as a college funding company with a goal of helping families realize the dream of higher education for their children. We have shown families how to make college affordable by implementing little known financial and tax strategies in order to maximize financial aid as well as cash-flow college costs.

Over the years as the market evolved we recognized that successful college funding must include comprehensive college planning. College planning involves a proper college search, standardized test preparation and assistance with admissions applications. In order to provide these critical college planning elements we developed our SmartTrack™ Program and expanded our services to include a Student Services Department.

While there are companies that provide standalone college admissions consulting services, our experience is that these companies rarely include an analysis of the projected financial aid available at specific colleges (both need and merit based). In other words, they will help you get in to a college but you may be left asking yourself two questions: Are my college costs as low as they could have been? How am I going to pay my out-of-pocket costs?

By providing both college funding and college planning services under one roof, we offer families a complete turnkey solution at a lower cost. This also eliminates the disconnect and confusion that often results when multiple organizations are involved in the college planning and college funding processes.

Choosing Spectrum College Planning is equivalent to soliciting the services of a tax planning consultant and a financial planning expert, along with college admissions and financial aid specialists who all work together as a team to provide a cohesive and comprehensive solution to your college planning and college funding needs.

Since opening our doors in 2001, we have assisted more than 6000 families making us the most experienced college planning company in southern California.